One Special Night

One Special Night

As I sit here gazing out the window,
Instead of working, I’m daydreaming of you…
And wondering if while you’re in your own world,
You’re thinking of me too.

I reminisce about the day we met and how you made me feel,
Looking at the glowing smile on your face,
Staring into your dreamy blue eyes,
Your smell, your touch, your warm embrace

What a special night that was…

And now, I’m starting to feel that warmth inside,
Like nothing or no one else can make me feel…
Butterflies, a constant smile, happy thoughts,
Looking forward to the next time we meet.

What lies ahead, down the road to love?
Can it possibly be what I’ve been hoping for?
All my goals, dreams, passions, hopes…
Glaring now before me with great anticipation.

No one knows what tomorrow brings…
One can only wish and believe…
I have abounding faith that God will take care of me,
And bring the right person into my life.

Could it be you?
Time will tell…
I feel a special bond starting between us,
And so I’m truly hopeful that it is (you).

– Linda R. Houle –

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